To find Authentic Bliss, you need to fuel your body
with foods that raise your vibration and allow you to think,
feel and act in your highest good.

Most of us aren’t eating enough of the right foods, and our bodies are literally STARVING for nutrients. This leaves us feeling exhausted, run down, and sick. Many of us are doing what we think is right, but we are being fooled by clever marketing antics and false health claims. The result…

Our bodies are polluted and our souls are depressed.

We must be able to change our diets in order to raise our vibration. If you are already operating at a high vibration and your diet is full of junk, imagine how good you will feel with a few changes in your diet.

Don’t be afraid to try new dishes. Listen to your intuition, what is your inner Goddess saying to you?

Are you listening?

Being open with your diet and less rigid in your beliefs will help you discover what works for YOU.

We are unique in our own needs and our needs are always changing … as should our diets.

It can be hard to know what to buy when transitioning to a healthier diet.

My wish is that by giving you a peek inside my kitchen, I will inspire you to try and add new foods to your routine.

What you’ll find in my fridge & freezer:

– Organic condiments (mustards, ketchup, hot sauce, tamari sauce…)
IMG_0476– South River Chickpea Miso
– Organic local free range eggs
– Cheese
– Fruits (apples, berries, pears…)
– Nut butters
– Veggies (lettuce, celery, carrots, broccoli, kale, peppers…)
– Nuts and seeds (almonds, sunflower, hemp, chia…)
– Organic flax or hemp oil, sesame oil
– Water Kefir or Kombucha & Probiotics
– Fresh made nut mylks (almond or coconut)
– Liquid flavored stevia
– Local maple syrup
– Frozen fruit (berries, mango, bananas…)
– Home baked sprouted grain bread (for my hubby)
– Variety of fresh sprouts (alfalfa, kale, lentils, clover, mung, chickpeas…)

What you’ll find in my pantry:

– Organic condiments and spices
– Eden canned beans (BPA free cans for when I am short on time)
– Dry beans
– Whole grain pasta (kamut, quinoa, spelt, rice, amaranth…)
– Gluten-Free pasta
– Nutiva Coconut oil, first cold pressed olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil
– Ghee
– Braggs Liquid seasoning or coconut aminos
– Vinegar (balsamic, apple cider, white – for cleaning)
– Local unpasteurized honey
– Whole grains (wild rice, brown basmati rice, quinoa, millet…)
– Canned tomatoes (home prepared in the fall)
– Jar strained tomatoes
– Sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes
– Himalayan salt & sole solution
– Vitamineral Greens, Amazing Grass or Boku Superfood
– Super-foods and supplements
– Vegan Protein powder (Sunwarrior or Ruth’s)
– Organic popcorn (non-gmo)
– Dry organic sprouting seeds (mung, alfalfa, clover, wheat berry, sunflower…)

I try to buy organic whenever possible, but sometimes it’s just too expensive and the items are of low quality. Buying local is just as important to me, if not more important. Knowing where and how your food is grown is ideal!

Happy Eating!!